About us

Who we are

In 2003, CCAW Automotive Group began operating in Louisiana as a traditional retailer and installer of automotive electronics and accessories. In 2007, due to changing consumer demands, the firm changed strategies and became a technology-focused retailer of aftermarket automotive parts that specializes in exterior enhancement related parts. Today, CCAW Automotive Group is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, and is a leading technology-focused retailer of aftermarket automotive parts. Our proven process and focus on technology helps us be a leading retailer to tech savvy consumers. CCAW Automotive Group understands the value of relationships, which is why we aim to establish long lasting relationships with our customers. With that being said, we recognize that in order to maintain our customer relationships, we must to have access to product that meets their needs. For this reason, we partner with aftermarket automotive parts manufacturers who can provide superior product, service and support so that we can meet the needs of our customers. Our relationships don’t change from year-to-year and aren’t based upon fads, but are long lasting and mutually beneficially to all parties involved.

What we do

We have an efficient and proven process that we utilize to sell our partner’s products. By working with us and utilizing our proven process, our partner’s learn not only what tech savvy retailers need, but why they need what they need.

We are metric nuts. We constantly gather and analyze information related to consumer demand. Our consumers are located in all 50 states and various countries abroad, so we have a macroeconomic perspective on consumer demand and trends.

Why work with us

We have a consistent track record of improving our partner’s revenue and transaction volume by utilizing a solid strategy and technology to reach consumers.
Sounds simple, but during these difficult economic times businesses are increasingly paying their bills late. We are financially solid and have a awesome track record of timely or early payments to our partners.
If you like increasing your revenue by opening an email, you will love working with us. Our efficient approach to doing business allows for a low maintenance partnership with our suppliers. Our partners love this because it allows them to spend their time pursuing new customers.
The world of retailing is changing faster than ever, which is why we don’t believe in doing the business the same old traditional way. We buck that trend and are constantly monitoring the retail landscape, looking for technological advances, and watching for changes in consumer buying habits so we can adapt our business strategy accordingly. We readily share our consumer related findings with our partners.
Everyone wants to count one of those huge chains as a customer and most spend tons of time and energy chasing that goal. What most fail to realize is that those chains have long standing relationships with partners that were in place well before the national chains reached their current size.

We’re not as big as the nationwide chains, at least not yet, but we aspire to be and have a plan to reach that goal. We like to think of ourselves as a soon-to-be big company. Partner with us and put yourself in position to have a relationship with a company that will rival the size of the large chains.

We currently work with a variety of partners and are always open to new mutually beneficial partnerships.


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